Striking Imagery

Celebrating the bold equestrian badass you are and the epic horses that have shaped you.

Impassioned Storytelling

Let's go a bit (or a lot!) left of center and embrace what's authentically you. Zero f*cks Given.

Heirloom Art

A tribute to your once-in-a-lifetime horse and the inseparable connection you share.

Preserve the memory

As time passes these memories slowly begin to fade despite even our best efforts. What if you could preserve these meaningful and celebrated moments in your life to look back on every day?

Your Bold Equestrian Experience Begins Here…

Horse + Rider Portraits

Preserve these important and meaningful moments by celebrating you and your horse with a beautiful outdoor portrait session. We’ll work together to capture what makes your partnership so incredible and unique. A story that only you two can write.

Fine Art Portraits

The horse is the perfect intersection of power and beauty.  Black background portraits are crafted to commemorate your horse in all their brilliance as a true work of art. Your horse like you’ve never seen them before.

For the horse that lights a fire within your soul

Jessica Darby is a Wisconsin-based, travelling equestrian & adventure photographer serving areas around Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Chicago, & beyond. 2023 travel include Salt Lake City, UT, Nothern California, the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA/Portland, OR & surrounding areas).

How We Work Together…

Step One

After our consultation, we’ll pick a day for your portrait session. We’ll go over styling & preparation so you are ready to rock on the day of your session. Then, I travel to you and we make magic happen.

Step Two

A few weeks after your session, we’ll meet online for your private image reveal. You’ll select your favourites (I’ll help!), and custom design wall art for your space.

Step Three

Treasure your portraits each day! This one-of-a-kind, heirloom art in your home will serve as your daily reminder of the inseparable connection you and your horse-of-a-lifetime share.

Featured Portraits

Wild hearts can’t be broken

There is just something about a horse that words can hardly do justice. Not just any horse – YOUR horse. The one that has been your biggest accomplishment, and also the bane of your existence. The horse you have literally poured blood, sweat, and tears into over and over again.

The one you’ve experienced the best and worst of what horse ownership has to offer with. They’ve also been your anchor when nothing else is going right in your world. Always present, always without judgement (unless you’ve run out of treats… or maybe dinner is late… but you get the jist).

Through this horse, you have learned more about yourself than you ever could have alone. You’ve accomplished more than you ever thought possible. You have been tested in every way, and yet together you are greater than the sum of your parts.

This feeling, this moment, this horse deserves to be honoured in an meaningful and timeless way to capture their spirit, and the fire it lights within you.

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