About Jessica

Wild hearts can’t be broken.

Combining her backgrounds as a professionally trained artist & designer, a competitive equestrian, and a dedicated photographer, Jessica tells the unique story of each of her subjects through exceptional and authentic portraiture and captivating, visual narratives.

Woman with holding camera standing next to horse
Dressage rider at horse show petting horse after class.

Why I Do This

A lifelong obsession.

The barn became a safe haven from the world at a young age. Horses were the definition of acceptance. When everything else in my world was going wrong, horses were always there to provide a grounding space where I could simply be.

When we’re with horses it ignites a spark of true freedom, allowing us to truly be ourselves and dream bigger than ever before. My purpose and passion is to stoke this fire in each and every one of you I put in front of my lens.

More Than Just a Horse

A horse’s love is an immense privilege.

I will never cease to be amazed by the power and beauty of each horse and the unique bond they form with their person.

Every portrait is a moment in time that encapsulates the near-mystical relationship between you and your horse. Creating these memories for you to cherish forever is something truly special and I am honoured to be a part of your story.

woman holding camera standing next to two horses during a sunset.