A.T. Mischief Magic | Equine Liberty Portraits | Elkhorn, WI

In the late summer of last year, I had the privilege of photographing an equine liberty session with the stunning A.T. Mischief Magic, affectionately known as “Magic.” Owned by the passionate rider Lexi, our session unfolded in the golden hues of a late summer afternoon at Liberty Lane Stables, in Elkhorn, WI

Magic, a 15-year-old grey Mustang mare, boasts not only a registered name that resonates with mischief but a personality to match. With bloodlines that speak of wild spirit, Magic has become a versatile partner for Lexi in various equestrian pursuits.

The portrait session focused solely on Magic, capturing the essence of her spirit in the late afternoon glow. The setting, a field nestled way back on the trails with trees in the background, provided a magical and serene backdrop for our session.

As our session went on, it became evident that Magic’s charm extends beyond her physical beauty. Lexi shared some of her fondest memories with Magic, reminiscing about their adventurous rides, shared swims, and the undeniable bond forged through competitions. The pair has notably excelled in barrels and poles, showcasing Magic’s agility and Lexi’s skill as a rider. Yet, Magic’s love for jumping and her willingness to engage in Western and English pleasure events speak volumes about her versatility.

Magic’s vibrant personality was palpable throughout the session. Described as moody, with an attitude that mirrors Lexi’s, Magic displayed a playful and goofy side. Lexi fondly recounted moments when Magic would find her lying down for a snuggle or attempt to run her over in anticipation of treats.

The equine liberty session not only captured the physical beauty of Magic but also unveiled the unique connection between horse and rider. Each image told a story of shared adventures, laughter, and the unspoken language that binds them together.

In the heart of Elkhorn, where the late afternoon sun cast a warm, golden glow on this inseparable duo, the magic of the equine-human connection unfolded. These portraits will serve as a daily reminder of the harmony, joy, and timeless bond between Lexi and her spirited mare.

Equine Liberty Portraits of a grey mustang mare in Elkhorn, WI in summer.

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