Kaylee | Dog Portraits | Seven Bridges Park, Milwaukee, WI

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Last October, I had the pleasure of photographing heartwarming dog portraits at Seven Bridges Park in South Milwaukee, WI. The session was a surprise for Scott, planned by his wife, Alex, featuring their adorable new family member, Kaylee. This one-year-old Great Pyrenees/Dogo Argentino mix, a rescue from Texas, brought joy and laughter to the session, making it a hilarious and memorable experience.

Our goal was to create a surprise Christmas gift for Scott, capturing the personality of their beloved Kaylee. Alex and I carefully planned the afternoon, ensuring that Scott remained completely oblivious to the surprise. The location choice, Seven Bridges Park, with its scenic woods and stunning beach along Lake Michigan, provided the perfect backdrop for our session.

The day of the session graced us with warm, sunny weather. We began our session in the wooded trails, where sunlight filtered through the branches, creating a magical atmosphere. As we progressed, we made our way down to the beach, stopping along the path to capture candid moments and Kaylee’s darling personality.

One of Kaylee’s endearing qualities is her love for children. Throughout the park, a constant flow of kids stopped to pet her, making the session even more delightful.

Kaylee, with her Great Pyrenees/Dogo Argentino mix charm, flaunted a “killer pout” with her sad puppy eyes throughout the session. So of course, this adorable expression was captured, creating lasting memories that would be cherished forever. Alex shared that some of her favourite moments with Kaylee have been the multiple times she had to carry the tired pup (all 50lbs) upstairs, showcasing the humorous side of their relationship.

The beach was Kaylee’s playground. She joyfully played in the water and sand, bringing out her playful and carefree spirit. By the end of our session, Kaylee was the epitome of the “goodest girl.” Her boundless energy and cooperative nature led to a collection of portraits that perfectly reflected her wonderful personality.

Kaylee’s canine portrait session at Seven Bridges Park was a delightful experience, capturing the joie de vivre of the world’s happiest doggo. The warmth of the day, the picturesque surroundings, and Kaylee’s infectious charm all came together to create timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come.

dog portraits of a White and brindle in the forest on a trail

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