Hicksteads Curtain Call | Equine Fine Art Portraits | Dousman, WI

There are horses, and then there are horses that leave you breathless with their grace and presence. Hickstead’s Curtain Call, affectionately known as “CiCi,” is undoubtedly one of the latter. This striking KWPN Dutch Warmblood mare, with her beautiful chestnut coat and mesmerizing blue eye, had recently returned from the jumper circuit in Florida with MM Equestrian, to grace my camera with her elegance for her equine fine art portraits.

The black background perfectly accentuates her stunning dapples and highlights her striking blue eye. The resulting artwork serves as a fitting tribute to the partnership she has with her owner, Melissa, and a reminder that the world of equestrian sports is as much about the bond between horse and rider as it is about competition.

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