Laura + Livella | Horse + Rider Family Portraits | Red Coat Farm | Hawthorn Woods, IL

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Picture this: a brisk fall afternoon at Red Coat Farm in Hawthorn Woods, IL – the setting and light perfect for “Horse + Rider family portraits”. Laura, her Hanoverian mare Livella (aka “Livvy”), her lively Aussie sidekick Shandy, and her main squeeze, Jon, brought the energy despite chilly winds and grey skies.

As we got started, it was clear Laura wasn’t horsing around (I hope you’re here for the dad jokes, too) – it is a defining aspect of her life. With 23 years in the saddle, she adores her horse, Livvy, dedicating every evening to her four-legged soulmate. Red Coat Farm isn’t just a barn for Laura; it’s her sanctuary, her happy place, where she’s forged friendships as strong as steel.

Enter Shandy, the feisty Aussie pup, adding a whole new level of chaos (in the best way possible) to the mix. Practising her herding instincts, Shandy brought a burst of energy, creating spontaneous and candid moments as Livvy gracefully tolerated the dog’s playful antics. Laura’s resilience and positive attitude shone through, proving that her love for her animals and her passion for horseback riding are powerful sources of joy, even on a blustery day.

Let’s talk about Livvy – the queen of sass, the epitome of stubbornness, and the ultimate showstopper. Discovered at a horse show in Michigan, Livvy wasn’t an easy catch. But Laura saw something special in her, something worth fighting for. Livvy’s personality and heart won Laura over, leading to numerous jumper championships, Classic wins, and achievements in the show ring.

But beyond the ribbons and glory, Laura’s favourite moments are the quiet ones – the ones where Livvy leans in for a nuzzle before getting down to business. It’s those little gestures that speak volumes about the depth of their bond.

And then there’s Jon – relaxed with a heart of gold, ready to embrace not just Laura, but her entire entourage. He might be new to the equestrian world, but we can confidently say he’s already fitting in like a seasoned “horse husband”.

This family portrait session wasn’t just about pretty pictures; it was about capturing the raw, unfiltered love between Laura, Livvy, Shandy, and Jon. Despite the weather trying to rain on our parade, their bond shone through brighter than ever. Because as Laura says, these moments aren’t just snapshots – they’re memories that will last a lifetime.

Horse + Rider Family Portraits at Red Coat Farm in Hawthorn Woods, IL

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