horse + rider portraits of Arabian horse with teenage sitting on horse in a field

Madelyn + Excyte | Horse + Rider Portraits | Lebanon, WI

Dressage, often referred to as the “equestrian ballet,” is a discipline that demands precision, harmony, and an extraordinary bond between rider and horse. Madelyn and her Arabian gelding, Excyte LD, have just that. Madelyn has been riding for about 3 years out of The Equine Knoll in Lebanon, WI and the pair had just recently returned from the Arabian Sport Horse Regionals, where they achieved Grand Champion in their Young Rider division.

The farm provided the perfect backdrop for our portrait session with its rustic charm, and lush greenery that let the pair stand out against the evergreens that bordered the field. Madelyn’s outfits perfectly complimented each other and Excyte’s rich bay coat. He certainly knew we were there to photograph him, and turned on his charm for the camera, while being very attentive and affectionate to Madelyn. As the session concluded, the lightest drizzle began to fall adding just the perfect amount of the magic of summer showers to wrap up their session.

I loved capturing the unspoken language between Madelyn and Excyte. Their connection was evident in every image: the gentle touch of Madelyn’s hand on his face, the knowing look they exchanged, and the way they moved together in stride around the fields.

These portraits were a great way to commemorate their season and recent win and all of the training and effort they have put in together to get there. When Madelyn is not in lessons or competing with Excyte she loves to spend her time at the barn with the horses, and out on the trails with her barn mates enjoying all that horse life has to offer.

horse + rider portraits of Arabian horse with teenage girl

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