Joanna + Siri | Vintage Inspired Horse and Rider and Fine Art Portraits | Oconomowoc, WI


As the golden hour cast its enchanting glow over the snowy trees of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, I spent a truly special afternoon capturing a vintage inspired horse and rider session, and fine art portraits at Norwegian Hill Farm. With the meticulous touch of Soulful Artisan‘s hair and makeup, we stuffed hand warmers into our pockets and layered up to trek out into the cold. Nothing worth having comes easy, right?

In between the snow-covered trees, Joanna, and her RSPI Chestnut Mare, Morning Star 55, known as “Siri,” took center stage like they’d been waiting for these moments their entire lives.

Joanna was the epitome of vintage charm. with a fur shawl paired with an elegant emerald dress, and her hair and makeup impeccably styled, she stood out like a character from a classic film against the snow, exuding grace and sophistication. Siri was poised and elegant with her beautiful chestnut coat, and meticulous button braids, complementing the evergreens around her. The perfect attention to detail in their presentation mirrors the connection shared between them.

The pair were captivating against the snowy backdrop. As the sun sunk lower towards the horizon, casting its warm hues over the snowy landscape, these two radiated a golden glow amid the winter chill. This session was more than a whimsical capture of a moment; it was a commemoration of the partnership between Joanna and Siri and the years of dedication poured into Siri’s development.

Moving beyond conventional sales photos, we also captured Siri in Fine Art Portraits. Siri is striking against a black background, with her perfectly braided mane and an accentuating bridle, These images serve as both artistic tributes and sale photos, capturing the essence of this beautiful and talented mare.

These winter portraits were not just about capturing a stunning moment in time; it was a commemoration of the deep bond between Joanna and Siri. The significance of these portraits gained even more depth with Siri listed for sale. Each photograph became a testimony to their bond forged through the hours, days, and years together—they became tangible memories, embodying the forever impactful journey of Siri and Joanna together.

vintage inspired horse and rider portraits in the forest

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