A spooky equine liberty portrait of a horse standing in a forest dressed up as a ghost during golden hour

Pandora’s Sweet Relief | Halloween Portraits | Elkhorn, WI

You’re either a Halloween person all year round or you’re not. In this case, Pony (show name “Pandora’s Sweet Relief”) is definitely a Halloween horse. A horse named Pony, you read that right. The property around Liberty Lane Stables in Elkhorn, WI is the perfect setting for getting into this holiday spirit. The autumnal colours, and the vibrant evening sun set the stage for some wonderfully spooky shenanigans. Whether it’s a Viking session or Halloween liberty portraits, Pony and her owner, Alex P, are up for literally anything.

As the sun began its descent, casting a golden glow over the trees, Pony donned her witch’s hat and posed around her cauldron spewing green smoke. She embraced her role with an undeniable charm as only Pony can do. The ultimate question is do you think she’s a good witch or a bad witch?

Afterwards, we took a walk into the deeper forest nearby she made her appearance in her next costume. Dressed as a ghost, she walked through the trees with a white sheet draped over her, creating an ethereal and mysterious aura. The rustling leaves and orange glow of the sun brought the ghostly character to life, turning the quiet woods into a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for our Halloween escapade.

I love it when clients really lean into their creativity and off-the-wall ideas and we end up with a one-of-a-kind session with images like this! Capturing Pony in her spirited element was as enchanting as it looked. I can’t wait to see what this pair think of next!

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