horse and rider during an equestrian portrait session in a field at sunset

5 Reasons to Book your Equestrian Portrait Session

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You’ve been thinking about an equestrian portrait session with your horse for a while now. Maybe even years. For some reason, there is always a justification for putting it off until “next time.” I get it, life happens, things come up, and priorities shift, but I am here to help you give this the attention it deserves with 5 reasons to book your Equestrian Portrait Session you’ve been dreaming about now. For you. For your horse.

  1. Seize the moment. People often say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. The same goes for portraits of your horse. As much as we wish to believe that our four-legged family members will live on forever, we know that isn’t the case. Create a tribute of them in their prime to be able to remember them as they are – to bring you back to all the memories throughout your partnership and relive what has made it so meaningful.
  2. One of a kind pieces of art. If you’re tired of the same IKEA art you see in everyone’s home then consider commissioning your own that tells the story of you and your horse and the impact they’ve had in your life. The right photographer will craft a session around the two of you that highlights your incomparable connection and provides you with high quality, custom art pieces to enjoy forever.
  3. You deserve it. You’ve worked your ass off to build a live with the opportunity to have a horse in it. That’s no small feat. Celebrate this with your horse of a lifetime so you have beautiful portraits to remind you of all you’ve accomplished each time you look at them.
  4. Your horse deserves it. Horses are magical creatures and the sheer fact that they let us do all the crazy things we ask of them is a miracle over and over again. It doesn’t matter if they’re a FEI showhorse, a family trail horse, or a companion pasture puff, your horse is perfect because they are your horse. Honour all that they selflessly give you in a way that you can reflect on each day.
  5. Just because. Portraits are FUN. When you find an amazing photographer to bring your dream session to life, you create art together that you can share for generations to come. Grandma was so cool, right? Find the photographer to fits your vibe, and who will help create an experience that is authentic to you, and the horse crazy life you live.

Next time you’re thinking about “next time” for portraits of your once in a lifetime horse remember there’s no better time than now. Schedule your consultation now to begin planning your dream equestrian portrait session.

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