Tallboy (“Loki”) | Equine Liberty + Black Background Portraits | Tapestry Farm | Bristol, WI


Tapestry Farm stands as a picturesque hunter/jumper haven in Bristol, Wisconsin. In mid-October, against the backdrop of the farm’s stunning fall foliage, I had the privilege of capturing Tallboy, affectionately known as “Loki” in both Black Background Portraits and a Liberty Session. Owned by Gretchen, this weanling colt boasts the lineage of Holsteiner Stallion, Carrico, and his savvy jumper dam, Pumped Up Kicks, promising a career of excellence.

Our Fine Art session began with Loki impeccably braided, exuding an air of sophistication beyond his young age. True to his gentlemanly nature, posed with poise and grace, and of course, adorable baby moments that had each of us laughing the entire time. The results speak for themselves, even baby horses step into that fine art feel with these beautiful black background portraits.

As we transitioned into the Liberty Session, Loki’s spirited personality came to life. The larger paddock allowed him the freedom to express his exuberance. With each bound and frolic, his spunky nature became more evident. It was a delightful dance between equine elegance and untamed playfulness, capturing the essence of a colt with his own brand of sass.

Gretchen describes Loki as a “weanling colt full of character and always so curious.” These traits undoubtedly shone through in the session. His inquisitive spirit and vibrant personality were so fun to capture. Wrapping up our session, Loki was exhausted and could hardly keep his eyes open! His lower lip was flopping open as he wound down his playful antics to call it a day.

When asked about her favourite memory with Loki, Gretchen’s response was as heartwarming as it was concise: “Everything, homebred’s are always special.” It’s a sentiment echoed by equestrians who understand the unique bond formed with horses raised and nurtured on their own land. The indescribable connection between a homebred horse and owner is as palpable as it was during our session

A week or so later, Loki headed south to Ocala for the winter (Who is jealous – because I certainly am). In the warmth of the Florida sun, he continues to live the good life, as he gets set up for a successful career in the show ring.

Weanling colt fine art black background portraits

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