Laura + Noviero DD | Fine Art and Family Portraits | Hartford, WI


Horses have a way of teaching you to embrace the unknown and learn how to be flexible with change even in the most inopportune times – that still somehow end up with brilliant results. This was the case with Laura and Ero’s horse and rider family portraits at their enchanting Clann Oak Farm in Hartford, Wisconsin this past fall.

Wisconsin’s fall weather has a way of keeping you on your toes and this day was no exception. When I arrived at Laura’s beautiful farm nestled at the end of a long drive past a serene pond and through a tunnel of tall pines the clouds had begun to gather overhead. However, we were beginning with Ero’s fine art portraits in the barn aisle so a little bit of rain wasn’t going to slow things down.

Ero, a stunning bay PRE Andalusian, both turned it on for the camera, as well as broke character to beg for treats and show off his goofy, playful side. As we went through our black background session thunder clapped overhead, more than a little rain came down, and maybe I was panicking just a little on the inside – I’ll never tell. Sometimes you just have to keep the faith and something was telling me to do just that. And just like clockwork, as we wrapped up shooting at the barn, the storm moved on and the clouds started to break. We retrieved Jason, her husband, and their two dogs, Tony and Larry, for the family portrait session.

As a firm believer in the idea that family is not confined by traditional definitions, we celebrated the unique joy and warmth that their four-legged family members bring their home. In an animal’s silent loyalty and boundless affection, I think many of us find a profound sense of belonging, reinforcing the belief that family is truly what and who we make of it.

We headed out to the pines where Tony, the energetic Jack Russel was ready to go on whatever adventure this was to be. Larry is a bit of an anxious pup, so we thought we’d have to be very mindful of him, but as it turned out Ero was content to continue being the star of the show and we had a few cantankerous moments with all the animals involved (which, in my opinion, is part of the fun, and outtakes are something I keep to show you during your image reveal!) but in between the ruckus we had many, many top tier portraits with the Clann Oak Farm presenting itself as the perfect enchanting backdrop to capture this perfect family. From the looming pines, to the afternoon light bathing the pond and surrounding greenery in a golden glow, to gathering underneath the commanding oak tree that stands as a fixture on the property, these images captured the pure slice of heaven that they’ve worked hard to create.

Mother nature didn’t stop there, as a thank you for waiting out her storms the skies opened up at sunset with painted clouds akin to a renaissance painting as Laura and Ero wrapped up the session with some portraits of just the two of them. A tree may have decided to fall in the forest nearby which honestly spooked us all, but Laura took to Ero’s side and calmed him down showing how deep and close their connection is.

Laura embodies the essence of a true horsewoman in every aspect, evident not only in her unwavering quest for knowledge to enhance her care for Ero but also in the profound love and understanding that permeates their relationship. Together, they’ve forged an almost magical connection within the enchanting realm of Clann Oak Farm.

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